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Great Bet - The Exact SameGreat Bet - The Exact Same Show video
Make someone write something on a note without you watching. Bet that person you have a note in you pocket saying the exact same. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Bar challenge - connecting boxesBar challenge - connecting boxes Show video
Can you connect the 6 boxes in pairs of two. No lines can intersect. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Its Impossible!Its Impossible! Show video
Its Impossible to fold a paper more then 7 times. This knowledge is powerfull. Bet your Friends that they can not do it. You are guaranteed to win! Great trick for bets. Watch me try and fail. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Nice Bet - Large Coin Small HoleNice Bet - Large Coin Small Hole Show video
Great bar bet! Get a large coin through a small hole in a piece of paper. Extreme visual effect. When you see this you wont believe your eyes. This is easy to learn. All you need is a few coins and a piece of paper. This trick can be done anywhere.
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