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Party Tricks Video List

The Levitating BallThe Levitating Ball Show video
Here a cool trick. Learn how to levitate a ball. Win some bets. Transfer a small ball from one beermate to another by using only a glass. A really nice bar trick! Great for Bets.
Turning Beerbottles, Yikes!Turning Beerbottles, Yikes! Show video
Truly amazing Bar Skill Trick. Learn how to do it. Its easy. Impress your freinds by showing them how you can turn to beerbottles with one hand. Win some bets. Great for Bets.
Banknote Bet! - fast on the drawBanknote Bet! - fast on the draw Show video
This trick perfect for bets! Try it out in the local bar. Watch this video and learn all the details on how to perform it. Snatch a banknote between to bottles standing on ends. It is easy to learn. This trick is a classic - a must have for all hustlers.
Cool Party Trick - Two CorksCool Party Trick - Two Corks Show video
Cool party trick! Nice little trick to impress your friends. All you need is two corks. They will try to do it but they will fail! :) In this video you will learn how to preform the trick.
The Flying BottlecapThe Flying Bottlecap Show video
Watch how to bottlecap shottes out of the hand with a large pop! This is a great pub trick. Listen to the magic music. Amazing Bar Magic Trick. Learn how to do it.
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