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Party Tricks Video List

Real Magic No ShitReal Magic No Shit Show video
Unbelievable magic trick. Watch matches defy gravity. The matches don't fall when given the chance. They stay in the upside-down matchbox until the magic word is spoken. Anyone watching this trick will admire the visual impact.
Fun Party Trick - IcebreakerFun Party Trick - Icebreaker Show video
This is a super trick for breaking the ice at a party. Easy to learn. All you need is a matchbox. Have fun learning this to your Friends. Just lift the matchbox with only two fingers keeping the middle finger on the table.
Candle Behind BottlesCandle Behind Bottles Show video
Amazing party trick. Win bets on this trick.This trick is easy to learn! It will impress anyone. Watch this video and learn how to perform this trick. Blow out a candle behind 3 bottles. All spectators will be blown away by this trick. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Nice Bet - Large Coin Small HoleNice Bet - Large Coin Small Hole Show video
Great bar bet! Get a large coin through a small hole in a piece of paper. Extreme visual effect. When you see this you wont believe your eyes. This is easy to learn. All you need is a few coins and a piece of paper. This trick can be done anywhere.
Hustler trick - Butt into BottleHustler trick - Butt into Bottle Show video
This is a super trick for making money. Easy to learn. You can reuse this trick over and over. Make the Cigarette Butt fall into the bottle every time. Anyone watching won't know how you do it. If you keep cool you can make a lot money on this hustle. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
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