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Party Tricks Video List

Hustler Trick - the nine coinsHustler Trick - the nine coins Show video
Read the mind of your victim. Turn you back to nine coins and make your victim touch one of the coins. Then turn back around and point to the correct coin. This can win you some beers. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Party trick! Coin LimboParty trick! Coin Limbo Show video
Watch how to get the trapped coin out from under the glass? This will work great at a restaurant or a party. Show this to your friends and they will be amazed. Make the coin do the limbo :) Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Relight Used Match!Relight Used Match! Show video
Great trick for bets. Learn how to relight a used match. Win beers showing this trick, This will amaze anyone watching. Easy to learn. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Its Impossible!Its Impossible! Show video
Its Impossible to fold a paper more then 7 times. This knowledge is powerfull. Bet your Friends that they can not do it. You are guaranteed to win! Great trick for bets. Watch me try and fail. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Make a Party Bomb!Make a Party Bomb! Show video
Make you own bomb for under a dollar. Its so easy. Loud bang! Watch the detailed instructions in the video. It's Party Time with Designer Crackers. All you need is some cardboard some cheap fireworks and some confetti and stars.
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