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Coin Lift - Magic TrickCoin Lift - Magic Trick Show video
Learn how to lift a coin from the table using only a flat outstretched palm. This trick can be used in many different ways. Easy to learn and all is revealed in this video. Win Beer.
Unbreakable Egg - Bar BetUnbreakable Egg - Bar Bet Show video
Bet someone that they can't break an egg with the flat part of a frying pan after you have placed the egg on the floor. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Old School Street Hustler TrickOld School Street Hustler Trick Show video
The Queen is hiding can you find her? Cool and easy to learn card trick. Find the queen! where is she hiding? This is a classic street hustler trick. Nice and easy bar trick. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Bar Bet - What is longest?Bar Bet - What is longest? Show video
Optical illusion. What would you say is the longest? the circumference or the height of a beer glass. Great and fun Bar bet. Show this to your friends in the pub and win some beer. Great for Bets. Win Beer.
Vanishing coin trickVanishing coin trick Show video
Watch and learn how to make a small coin disappear and the reappear. Vanishing coin trick. Easy magic trick. You only need a coin a small glass and a napkin.
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